Pearson exec: we need to be an “Electronic Arts for education”

As Pearson – along with the entire textbook publishing industry – rethinks its role in education, one of the company’s executives says it could look to build the core competencies of digital content creators like video game giant Electronic Arts.

Media store wars: iTunes vs Amazon vs Google Play

Google now activates one million Android devices per day and has 400 million devices in the wild, but its media store efforts have lagged. Google Play now has more digital content types, so here’s a look at how it compares to iTunes and Amazon’s digital store.

Today in Connected Consumer

I’m at the paidContent 2012: At The Crossroads conference in New York today so posting will be light. You can follow the discussion at #pc2012. Here are a few early highlights: Forrester Research VP and principal analyst James McQuivey makes the salient point that, while content may still be king in the digital world, “the platform is the new throne” and can “make or unmake the king at any time.” And, while Facebook investors may be up in arms over the company’s botched IPO, publishers continue to experiment with the social network as a media platform.