The Justice Department thinks different

The thrust of the Justice Department’s two recent antitrust investigations is the same in each: to see whether incumbent media providers are abusing their dominant positions within traditional distribution chains to squelch competition arising from new, digital distribution chains.

Tied to the drive

Though sales of new games through brick-and-mortar retail channels are falling rapidly, game publishers, including the major console makers, have an incentive to prop them up as long as possible. No corner of the media content business has survived the transition from analog to digital distribution with its analog pricing power intact and there’s no reason to believe game publishers will fare any better.

E-books, innovation and antitrust

What’s happening in the e-book market is not fundamentally different from what happened in the music industry. The retail price of recorded music has plunged thanks to digital technology and the record labels lost market power. At the same time, innovation has flourished at the retail level

Apple working to bring movies to the cloud

Part of Apple’s iCloud offerings is iTunes in the Cloud, which allows users to download past music, app and TV show purchases on any iOS or Mac associated with their account. A new report says Apple will soon add movies to the mix, too.

Mac OS X Lion installation stats bode well for digital distribution

Apple’s latest operating system, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, is doing well in its early days, nearing OS X 10.5 Leopard in popularity according to new OS market share numbers. Lion’s success could be a sign that computer consumers are read for more digital distribution.

HBO shows now in HD on iTunes

Discerning TV viewers take note: Apple just turned on HD availability for many HBO television shows in the iTunes Store. Customers in the U.S. and Canada can now purchase HD episodes and seasons of many HBO series, including Eastbound & Down, Rome, Entourage and Big Love.