Newspaper restructuring — think steel, cars and airlines

The Journal Register newspaper chain has filed for bankruptcy for a second time, which some say means its “digital first” vision is flawed. But all it really means is that the kind of transformation required for the newspaper business will be measured in decades.

Future of Media: Lots of Questions, But No Easy Answers

Columbia’s school of journalism has released a report on the media industry that describes a landscape filled with disruption and confusion. Although there are some hints of possible new business models, most media companies simply don’t understand enough about what is happening to their traditional businesses.

For Newspapers, the Future Is Now: Digital Must Be First

As newspapers struggle to stay afloat and remake themselves for a web-based world, many debate how much emphasis they should put on digital vs. their traditional print operations. John Paton, CEO of the Journal Register group of newspapers, says the time for debate is over.