A Digital Life: Don’t judge me by my Instagrams, please

It’s a fact that we all love stalking other people on the internet. But this basic behavior often gets in the way of meeting people in real life, when their online profiles usually tell you so little about them. Can we change this?

AT&T adds two internet of things innovation centers

AT&T is opening up two more Foundry locations, with the new offices dedicated to the internet of things. The move shows the carrier’s commitment to bringing in new products and services to this space.

Interview: AT&T’s Lurie on building the iOS of the connected home

AT&T President Glenn Lurie has big ambitions for Ma Bell’s Digital Life division. He’s not slapping together a bunch of connected home applications. He’s building a platform — an iOS for the Internet of things. And like the iPhone, Digital Life may come with its own Siri.

AT&T launching smart home pilot in Atlanta and Dallas

AT&T’s Digital Life program may have started overseas, but this summer AT&T will offer its new connected home service in two U.S. trial markets, Atlanta and Dallas, where it will install home monitoring and automation devices that homeowners can access from a browser, smartphone or tablet.

AT&T’s Digital Life could be its entre into the retail smart grid

AT&T is launching yet another new business division, this one called Digital Life Services. The operator hasn’t revealed many details about the new unit, but from the sound of it, this may be AT&T’s attempt to tackle the smart grid, targeting consumers and businesses directly.