Digital Lumens shows how factories, warehouses are embracing LEDs

LED lighting is becoming popular for warehouses and factories. Not just because the lights save the building owners money, but because they are digitally networked and controlled. Startup Digital Lumen’s LED systems now cover 50 million square feet of industrial space.

IKEA to sell only LEDs by 2016

IKEA says it will only sell LED lighting by 2016, and will give up all other less efficient forms of lighting. The news follows IKEA phasing out incandescent lighting, getting rid of plastic bags, and putting solar panels on its rooftops.

How to make LED lighting mainstream: make it a service

LED lighting, though, expensive, is supposed to reduce energy use and electric bills for its owner over time. Startup Digital Lumens is looking at doing more than selling its smart LED lighting equipment — it plans to sell it as a service, too.

Digital Lumens Raises $10M for Smart Lighting

What do you get when you combine computer intelligence, efficient LEDs and industrial buildings?: An idea that investors want to back. Digital Lumens announced that it has raised another $10 million, which will help it expands sales of its technology that combines LEDs with networking software.

Today in Cleantech

The World Economic Forum has announced the winners of its Technology Pioneers contest, and for the first time, clean tech companies have won an equal number of spots alongside traditionally dominant IT companies. The list of green winners does include many that cross the boundaries of IT — take water infrastructure monitoring service provider TaKadu, networked lighting startup Digital Lumenshome energy efficiency specialist OPOWER, long-range smart grid wireless provider On-Ramp Wireless, and well-connected home energy management startup Tendril. But Thursday’s winners also included green cement manufacturer Novacem, vehicle engine efficiency booster Transonic Combustion, sewage-to-fertilizer waste recovery startup Ostara, and Nigerian renewable energy developer Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions, among others.

Digital Lumens Sheds Light on Job No. 1

Networked lighting startup Digital Lumens pulled back the curtain for the first time on one of its installations, announcing a project in Conklin, N.Y. that the company says has slashed lighting-related energy use at the facility by as much as 87 percent.

2010: LED’s Watershed Year

In a few years, we’ll look back at 2010 and remember it as the year that LEDs turned a corner and went from a pricey niche lighting technology to a mainstream contender. Here are three reasons why.

Digital Lumens Takes a Cue from Smart Grid Tech for LEDs

If you want a smart lighting system that helps cut energy use and maximizes efficiency, you gotta lose the dumb fixtures and go with tech that has computer intelligence written into its DNA. That’s the premise of Digital Lumens, a 2-year-old startup based in Boston, Mass. that is combining LED (light-emitting diode) systems with networking and software for industrial facilities. Founded in 2008, Digital Lumens crept out of stealth mode this morning, detailing for the first time its plan to carve out a slice of the growing market for efficient lighting.
“We’ve merged together LEDs with networking software,” Pincince explained. He said the company has taken a “very, very energy efficient fixture,” and added “local intelligence.” Each fixture has an on-board computer and mesh networking capabilities, allowing the system to adjust to variables such as whether daylighting is available, the state of a neighboring fixture or if a particular work area or machine needs to be illuminated at a set time. The system can also be programmed, and provide data about usage and occupancy to facility managers through Digital Lumens’ energy management system, dubbed “LightRules.” According to Digital Lumens’ release this morning, LightRules can also be used to respond to demand response calls and can be integrated with third-party systems, such as carbon accounting software.
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AT&T’s New Network May Not Help Your Old iPhone

main-rightApple (s aapl) unveiled the new iPhone today, and once again the device is inspiring lust while the network inspires loathing. While a lot of sites are hacked off that AT&T (s T) will not support tethering (using your phone as a modem) and MMS picture messaging on the iPhone 3G right away, owners of older 3G iPhones in the U.S. may have a bigger beef. Sources are telling me — and AT&T doesn’t deny — that the network upgrades AT&T announced two weeks ago won’t boost the old 3G iPhone’s data connections to the promised 7.2 Mbps speeds. Read More about AT&T’s New Network May Not Help Your Old iPhone