Adobe’s John Nack to join Google’s digital photography team

John Nack, former senior product manager for Photoshop at Adobe(s adbe), announced on Monday that he will be leaving the company to join Google’s(s goog) digital photography team. “It’s about doing something very different from, and I think complementary to, the work I’ve done at Adobe,” Nack said in a goodbye post on his Adobe blog. He didn’t reveal any additional details about the position, but noted that Adobe and Google have collaborated for years, and he hopes to take that further. Google has been making a concerted effort to beef up the photos capabilities in Google+ through the use of features like Auto Awesome and Snapseed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Nack’s work is focused on further refining the Google+ photo experience.

5 startups that stood out at Excelerate’s demo day

Chicago’s Excelerate Labs may not have quite the outsized demo day as Y Combinator, but the 10 companies that just graduated from is accelerator program were still impressive. Here are the five startups that made the biggest impression on us: Orbeus, Lasso, Cureeo, Pictarine and Whimseybox.

Of funerals, digital photos and impermanence

The era of cheap digital photography means it is easier than ever to take a good picture, but it also means we are drowning in photos, and pictures have become just another form of digital detritus. Where will those digital memories be when we need them?

Meet Sony’s new CMOS image sensor, good candidate for future iPhones

Sony Corporation unveiled its next-generation back-illuminated CMOS digital image sensor on Monday, which boasts a stacked design that saves space, lowers power requirements and increases quality, all of which adds up to a veritable mating call for Sony component customer Apple.

Aperture 101: Importing Photos

The first step post-capture in any digital photography workflow is getting the frames into your editing program. I like Aperture, because it’s powerful, cheap, easy to learn and easy to install from the Mac App Store. Here’s how to manage your photo importing using Aperture.