stock drop could cause aftershocks in the Valley

Shares in Russian Internet group have fallen to their lowest point since the company went public last year. But since the company has been indirectly fueling Silicon Valley’s latest investment boom, a serious slump could have repercussions far beyond Moscow.

Yuri Milner: Genius Investor or King of the Gold Rush?

Since Russia’s Yuri Milner burst onto the scene with heavy investments in Facebook, Groupon and Zynga, many rivals have wondered whether he can see something they can’t. So what did he have to say for himself during a rare public appearance?

Does Spotify Need $100M To Crack America?

Much-vaunted European music service Spotify has been craving a move to the United States for a long time — but has been stuck in tough negotiations with American labels. But its plans could receive a huge boost if rumors of a $100m investment prove accurate. IPO to Give Mortals a Stake in Facebook, Zynga, the Russian holding company formerly known as Digital Sky Technologies, has filed for an initial stock offering on the London stock exchange, one that could give the company a market value as high as $6 billion. The company has investments in both Facebook and Zynga.

DST: A Mutual Fund of Hot Startups, With a Russian Accent

Russian investment fund Digital Sky Technologies is expected to go public sometime next year, according to reports. The company owns stakes in several of the hottest Internet companies around, including Facebook, social-game maker Zynga and group-buying site Groupon, as well as several leading Russian Internet companies.