Jeff Bezos probably isn’t going to be a fan of paywalls at the Washington Post

The Washington Post (s WPO) interviews its new owner, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. Bezos doesn’t get into many specifics about what he might change, but notes that websites can summarize paywalled stories “in about four minutes and readers can access that news for free….even behind a paywall, websites can summarize your work and make it available for free. From a reader point of view, the reader has to ask, ‘Why should I pay you for all that journalistic effort when I can get it for free’ from another site?”

How to get your readers to love paywalls

A Columbia/Indiana University study on reactions to the New York Times paywall suggests that newspapers enacting paywalls should emphasize financial need, not profit, when explaining them to readers. Still, many readers won’t pay.

An oversight in iOS Newsstand: No free subscriptions

The team behind TRVL, a free iPad-exclusive digital travel magazine, was very excited about the prospect of Newsstand; after all, recent numbers show that some publishers are seeing their products reach as many as 268 percent more subscribers. But there’s a problem: Newsstand doesn’t do free.

Condé Nast subscriptions up 268% since Newsstand launch

We reported earlier that Newsstand appears to be treating digital publishers well, and new info from Condé Nast just released backs that up. The publisher of Wired and other magazines has seen digital subscriptions rise 268 percent since Newsstand arrived with the iOS 5 update.

Financial Times finds life outside the App Store pretty good so far

The Financial Times struck out on its own recently with a web-based mobile app, which replaces its native iOS apps. So far, the experiment has been a success, with the app already seing more traffic from the web app than from its iPhone and iPad applications.