UK’s EE unveils mobile-friendly TV service

The U.K. mobile carrier EE, which also offers fixed-line services, has launched a TV service called EE TV, featuring a set-top box that lets customers use their smartphones or tablets as the remote control. They can also watch programming on their mobile devices, with the possibility for up to four different streams of live or recorded shows. EE said it will in the future allow them to watch while on the move too, through the firm’s 4G network. The service will include standard Freeview live channels as well as the likes of Daily Motion, YouTube and

IAC-backed Aereo makes a big play for cord cutters

The promise of cord-cutting may get a lot brighter with the introduction of Aereo, a new TV broadcast service backed by IAC that enables mobile devices, set-top boxes, TVs and PCs to receive local broadcast programming over the Internet.

Boxee clashes with cable companies over encryption

Boxee isn’t just marketing its live TV tuner as an alternative to cable; it is also fighting with cable companies about having access to their programming. The reason? Cable companies want to encrypt their basic cable tier, which Boxee and other CE makers oppose.

Why you’ll buy a new TV in the next 5 years

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how consumers will soon be buying more TVs, and upgrading them ever faster. After seeing the best that CE manufacturers had in store at CES, I’m even more convinced. But not for the reasons you might think.

Comcast’s new set-top streams live TV to DLNA devices

One DVR to rule them all? In addition to bringing Comcast’s new cloud-based user interface to subscriber homes, the Xcalibur set-top box includes DLNA Premium Video, which will allow users to access live and recorded TV from tablets, PCs, connected TVs and other devices.

Simple.TV: a combination DVR & Slingbox for the cord cutter set

One of the more interesting devices to come out of CES will be Simple.TV, combining some of the best capabilities of TiVo DVRs and Sling streaming set-top boxes. The box, which will be released in Spring 2012, will cost $149 and be aimed at cord cutters.

It’s no T-Mo, but AT&T picks up Qualcomm airwaves

The FCC approved Qualcomm’s sale of its 700 MHz spectrum to AT&T. The deal is striking for two reasons; it closes a big chapter in the history of mobile TV and the FCC said it will look at interoperability in LTE bands next year.

Get Netflix HD on a Galaxy Nexus and enjoy 720p vids

One of the biggest draws of the Galaxy Nexus is the 4.65-inch high-definition screen; literally a pocketable 720p HDTV display. But some video services still stream standard definition video. Here’s how to get HD video from Netflix on the Nexus and what it looks like.

Want to watch TV? There’s an app for that

With the rollout of its massive Xbox Live update, Microsoft has made a strong bid for the pole position in the digital living room. And with dozens of new programming partners also included with the update, the company now offers perhaps the most comprehensive, versatile and advanced over-the-top video system of any major player, including Apple and Google. But the most intriguing additions to the platform are not, strictly speaking, over-the-top offerings. Rather, they point to a possible future for pay-TV services that could be far more disruptive to the existing economic model.