KaChing! US carrier-backed Isis Wallet program is live

“Google Wallet 2.0” is live but it’s not from Google. Instead, Isis is the newest digital wallet payment program and it’s now live. You’ll need a phone on Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T before you can pay with your handset.

Meet Coin, a startup creating a universal credit card

Coin isn’t trying to replace the physical wallet with a digital one. Instead it’s trying to reduce all of the credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards that clutter up our wallets to a single piece of plastic.

PassSource helps developers create passes for iOS 6 Passbook

From iOS developer Kudit, the service will let anyone easily participate in iOS Passbook, a feature coming in the next version of the software. In the future, PassSource will also offer an analytics dashboard for pass creators to track how their passes are being used.