Forget reward points: AmEx gives users Farmville cash

American Express is teaming with Zynga on a reward program that will link offline spending on its Serve pre-paid cards to in-game rewards in Farmville. It’s an ambitious attempt at boosting the reach of AmEx’s Serve product and tying real-world spending to online virtual rewards.

Visa launches digital wallet beta with

While credit card rival MasterCard announced its own digital wallet platform, Visa has some news of its own. It’s launching the first beta of its wallet service with online retailer as it prepares to go public with the its payment product.

Credit cards get connected to offer coupons, loyalty

CardSpring last month launches an application platform that allows developers to create applications that can work with credit cards. Now, it’s getting a boost with the help of payment processor First Data, which is using CardSpring’s API as the basis for an offer platform for retailers.

4 payment industry predictions for 2012

It’s often difficult to separate what will shape the future of payments from what is just hype. PayPal’s Scott Dunlap focuses on the “innovation clusters” to get past the hype and see where mobile payment technology will be taking us in the near future.

Pageonce aspires to be a digital wallet with mobile bill pay

Pageonce was one of the first iPhone apps and has built a following of more than 5 million users as a mobile financial service letting people track their bills from their smartphone. But the service has been missing one big thing until today: mobile bill pay.

Square what? Dwolla shows the power of cash networks

While tech darling Square gets all the press, mobile payments start-up Dwolla is enjoying its own impressive growth and just hit $1 million in daily transactions, putting it on a faster initial pace than Square. It’s showing the power of building a cash-based payment network.

DealsGoRound’s offers central wallet for managing daily deals

DealsGoRound, a secondary marketplace where users can buy and sell daily deals, is launching a digital wallet service. Now deal addicts the world over can manage their deals all in one place, and receive an alert when a deal is about to expire.

Android This Week: Google Wallet; Smarter Keyboard; Flyer Lands

Google Wallet debuted this week for Sprint customers owning the Nexus S handset while the smartest Android keyboard, SwiftKey, gains intelligence and better word prediction, thanks to the cloud. HTC’s Flyer found its way to my desk and first impressions are favorable, as you can see.

Why Winning Over Merchants Will be Key To Mobile Payments

There are a ton of mobile payment initiatives getting under way. But to get mobile payments to soar, it takes the buy in from merchants, who have to be convinced that it’s a necessary and beneficial step up from the current way of doing business.

Visa Looks Beyond the Card With One-Click Digital Wallet

Visa is starting to put its big payment acquisitions to work with a new a digital wallet offering that looks to bring one-click transactions to ecommerce, mobile and social networking sites. The wallet will help consumers checkout faster and should reduce online abandoned shopping carts for retailers.