Dijit releases social TV guide app for the iPad

Dijit’s new iPad app expands on mobile features that were already available by taking advantage of the tablet’s larger screen. Viewers can access local TV listings, get recommendations from their Facebook friends, and gather more information about the cast and crew of the shows they’re watching.

5 apps for finding your favorite TV shows

Consumers are using their mobile devices to figure out what to watch next, and a growing number of apps are being built to provide recommendations and help them learn what’s on TV at any given time. We’ve listed five of our favorites.

Your Android device can now be a universal remote

Griffin and Dijit jointly announced Android software support for the Beacon remote on Tuesday, allowing any Android tablet or smartphone to become a universal remote control for home theater equipment via the Beacon Universal Remote Control System. The app is free, but the Beacon costs $69.99.

A voice-controlled future is finally upon us

Science fiction writers and futurists have long imagined a world in which we control everyday devices with our voice. That future seems a little bit closer to reality with the news that Apple’s Siri voice control technology will likely power its long-rumored iTV device.

New solutions for the new era of TV interfaces

It will take more than a five-button remote control to efficiently navigate the new universe of video content now available. That means a new user interface for the video viewing experience is inevitable, and many companies are involved. Here are a few to watch.

Dijit and Beacon: One remote to rule them all

With Griffin Technology’s Beacon IR controller, video viewers will be able to navigate live TV, video on demand and multiple streaming video services all from a single application. The Dijit app provides the ability to search and navigate all your devices, while also incorporating social features.

Dijit Turns Your iPhone Into a Roku Remote Control

Searching for movie or TV show titles on your Roku media player just got easier thanks to a new universal remote control app called Dijit. The app turns our iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a Roku remote, complete with onscreen keyboard and customizable gestures.