Barnes & Noble’s two new tablets want to help you find your next book

Barnes & Noble’s new Nook HD tablets, priced starting at $199, aim to stand out from the pack with reader-centric features and enhanced reading experiences for magazines and catalogs. The company’s goal is to drive book discovery and purchasing through the tablets in new ways.

Does social beat search, or does “peacocking” get in the way?

Most people want to share content that makes them look good — a concept that Gravity CEO Amit Kapur called “peacocking” at paidContent 2012 this afternoon. Sometimes that urge is a good thing, but sometimes it gets in the way of delivering a truly personalized online experience.

Today in Mobile

A massive surge in mobile applications has given rise to a host of solutions from vendors hoping to help users separate the wheat from the chaff in app stores. Many of those players will join forces as the industry evolves, as evidenced by today’s announcement of a tie-up between Appolicious and AppVee. Expect to see a small army of newcomers join the app-discovery field as new app stores come online and existing storefronts continue to stock their shelves, which in turn will need to more consolidation.

Mplayit Provides iPhone App Discoverability Via Facebook

I spend an awful lot of time poking around in the App Store in both iTunes and on my iPhone, just in the hopes of finding something new and exciting to download and use on my device. It’s not an ideal situation, and I often wish Apple (s aapl) would throw out its tired model and completely restructure the App Store from the ground up.

There’s little chance of that happening, but a new Facebook app could help make the App Store more navigable, and do so with a little help from your friends. Mplayit is a new service being offered on Facebook that aims to bring some sense to the jungle that is the 100,000-strong App Store using a more intelligent browsing system based on recommendations and demos. Read More about Mplayit Provides iPhone App Discoverability Via Facebook