ARM buys in display processor tech from Cadence

ARM now owns Cadence’s PANTA line of display controller core designs, which should help it better support multimedia applications on high-resolution displays without sucking too much battery power.

New screen tech has buttons that rise on command

Not everyone wants a touch display for input causing some to cling on to devices with physical buttons. What you could have the best of both worlds: Buttons that rise up from a flat touch screen as needed? It’s not science fiction; it’s science!

Retina Display MacBook Pros in 2012? Why it could happen.

The MacBook Pro could get a substantial boost in screen resolution, according to sources upstream in Apple’s supply chain talking to DigiTimes Wednesday. But how likely is it that Apple will actually produce these monster graphical powerhouses in 2012, as reported?

Apple reportedly souring on Samsung, tapping Sharp for iPad 3 displays

Apple’s relationship with Samsung is on the rocks, according to an investor note from Jefferies analyst Peter Misek on Tuesday. Based on a recent trip to Japan and checks with suppliers made during that trip, Jefferies says Sharp is benefitting from the Samsung falling-out.

IPad 3 screen shipments reportedly ramping up

Apple has reportedly ordered two million high-res display panels from Samsung, LG and Sharp for November, adding to the one million it’s said to have ordered in October. The screens, according to a previous report, are said to be Retina displays, with resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.