Distimo: app translation can pay off, especially in Asia

App analytics firm Distimo, in its latest monthly report, found that outside of English-speaking countries, China, Japan and South Korea have the highest proportions of free downloads and revenue from native language-only applications. That can be an opportunity for developers who translate their apps.

Amazon Appstore more lucrative for many devs than Android Market

Analytics firm Distimo said that, of the top 110 apps that appear in both Android Market and Amazon Appstore, 42 of them make more money on Amazon than on Android Market. That’s a strong showing for Amazon’s Appstore, which got a boost from the Kindle Fire.

Android’s app revenue gap and how developers cope

App analytics firm Distimo said the iPhone App Store is generating about four times as much revenue for the top 200 apps compared to the top 200 apps in Android Market. The app revenue gap is prompting developers to look for creative ways to make money.

The App Store hurtles toward a freemium-focused future

If you’re looking for the key to making money on the App Store for Apple’s iOS devices, a new report from Distimo suggests that in-app purchases are what you should be watching. In-app purchases now account for 72 percent of App Store revenue.

Asia booms for mobile app downloads

Mobile developers should consider turning their attention to Asia, which is booming with mobile app downloads, according to a new report from app analytics firm Distimo. The region now boasts the second-largest app market — in China — and has a fast riser in South Korea.