Tales from the Trenches: GitHub

Why make a team distributed? For some companies it’s about hiring the best talent, while other founders look at it as a lifestyle decision, but at GitHub, letting the team work from anywhere and at any time is all about producing excellent products.

Binfire: Team Collaboration and Project Management

The first step to successful remote working is communication. Binfire offers distributed teams a free solution for online collaboration that makes it simple to stay on track, with several useful features that I haven’t seen in other project management solutions so far, including:

How to Conduct a Remote Work Trial

Remote work may yet become the default mode of doing business for many, but we aren’t there yet. You may be feeling pressure from employees to allow remote working, but it’s best to go with a trial run before putting real money on the line.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page With a Newsletter

Some newsletters that I receive, though ostensibly marketing material, deliver great value. Newsletters can provide even more value when provided to the members of a distributed team. It’s hard to keep remote workers on the same page; a newsletter can help.