Cross-cultural teams: Solving the communication challenges tech can’t fix

Technology may be making distance irrelevant, but just because the logistical challenges of working with far away colleagues are receding, doesn’t mean the cultural ones are diminishing. How can you avoid miscommunication and unintended offence when dealing with colleagues from different backgrounds? Experts offer tips.

How to make time zone separation work to your advantage

Sure, staying up until the wee hours to talk to your colleague in Israel or Asia may be a bummer, but both a business professor and practitioners say that, with the right tools, working across multiple time zones can actually be a benefit.

Small wins beat stretch goals in collaborative projects

While there’s no single way to kick off a group in a collaborative process, the available research says you should start small with a specific, achievable goal, rather than trying to implement a full technology platform at the same time as you’re organizing the project.

Has Remote Work Killed Collaborative Creativity?

Gone are the days when creative work was always done by teams operating from the same location. Yet there’s a a great deal of creative collaboration that still relies on our being able to “workshop” concepts together. What does remote work mean for creative collaboration?

Postling: Simple, One-Stop Social Media Management

Keeping up with Twitter, Facebook and all the posts and comments written about your company can be overwhelming. Postling is a centralized dashboard for organizing, managing and tracking all your social media efforts, so that you can engage with your entire online community from one location.

HyperOffice: One-Stop Collaboration

Most remote teams rely on several solutions to fulfill their collaboration needs: email, project management, database management and meetings, to name a few. HyperOffice offers distributed teams the benefit of all essential business tools in a single collaboration suite, as well as providing mobile capabilities.

iPad 2: The Best Tablet for Distributed Teams Just Got Better

If you thought the original iPad was doing well in business, the iPad 2 promises to do even better, adding new features, such as built-in cameras for video conferencing, that should prove to be very attractive to companies with distributed teams.

Why Tablets Are the Future For Distributed Teams

If you’re serious about giving your distributed team the best possible tools, tablet computing devices should be at the top of your equipment list. Just as they’ve changed consumer computing, so too can they change the nature of a remote worker’s average daily productivity picture.