With dividend, Tim Cook thinks differently about Apple

In his short tenure as Apple CEO, Tim Cook has put his own stamp on Apple. Though it may not have been in Steve Jobs’ playbook, Cook has chosen to put the company’s enormous cash pile to work through a dividend and share buyback.

Apple to spend $45B of cash on dividend, share buyback

After being nagged about it for years by Wall Street, Apple on Monday said it has decided to cut into its significant cash reserves by offering a dividend of $2.65 per share each quarter, starting with the company’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2012, July 1.

Is Apple ready to issue a dividend?

With $100B in cash, there have been quite a few whispers about an Apple dividend, starting when Tim Cook officially become CEO. But after years of wishful thinking on the part of longtime investors in Apple, it’s starting to look like it could actually happen soon.

What Wall Street is saying about Apple’s record quarter

Apple’s record quarter is prompting a lot of analysts and Wall Street watchers to up their estimates for the stock’s performance. A slew of investor notes released Wednesday suggest few believe Apple’s fortunes have reached their apex. Investors seem to agree, as Apple’s stock opened strong.

The Return of the Tech Dividend

It says something about the state of the tech industry that one of the biggest stories in the sector this week is that Cisco is paying dividends to investors. Dividends aren’t unheard of in tech; however, Cisco’s news had that tipping-point feeling to it.