Uberpaper aims to kill the echo chamber of social news

Personalized algorithms and social recommendations are great for a lot of things. But when it comes to getting news, these technologies can create an echo chamber, where our existing beliefs are reflected back to us. Uberpaper, a new site from Dmitry Shapiro, wants to combat that.

Today in Social

Formerly known as Atly, a new social network from Myspace Music’s CTO Dmitry Shapiro is going into beta under the new brand of AnyBeat. From its description, it looks to be a pretty richly featured social network, with a couple of stakes in the ground meant to differentiate it from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ et al. One is anonymity, a contentious topic among digerati. Both Facebook and Google want users to specify their real identity. That’s not really for advertising, as both will more often than not only target aggregated groups. Identity authentication is actually a whole different business, and is likely more about business transactions, etc. AnyBeat’s not doing that, and since it’s not, it won’t try to act as a log-in service nor “follow you around the web.” AnyBeat also wants to be about meeting new people rather than managing existing relationships. But at first glance it feels like it’s lacking that compelling app that would complement existing networks. An identity manager that could work across networks and apply anonymity on demand, now that would be compelling.