And here it is! Comcast’s 305 Mbps tier

For $300, people in the Northeast, presumably in areas where Comcast competes with Verizon’s fiber to-the-home offering, can soon get 305 Mbps service from Comcast. The fastest tier is expensive, but its the doubling off other Comcast speed tiers at no cost that will hurt Verizon.

The United States of broadband: Location matters

The U.S. is falling in the quality of broadband its ISPs are offering, although in the fourth quarter of 2011 that drop in speeds was seen by several other counties, with overall broadband speeds falling to a global average 2.3 Mbps from the previous quarter.

Why Time Warner Cable is buying Insight for $3B

Time Warner Cable plans to buy Insight Communications, the nation’s ninth-largest cable company, in a deal worth $3 billion as the industry realizes it needs to streamline. The deal offers TWC greater scale as well as about $100 million in annual cost efficiencies.

Forget fiber; cable shows off 4.5 Gbps speeds

The cable business isn’t going to cede its share of the broadband market by waiting around for coaxial cable to become obsolete, and now cable providers won’t have to make an expensive transition to a fiber-to-the-home infrastructure to achieve gigabit networks.

For Time Warner Cable, Broadband Booms

Thanks to growing demand for new Internet applications such as Netflix, broadband companies across the board are finding new growth opportunities. Time Warner Cable is no different and today reported surprisingly higher additions to its high-speed internet subscribers. And the trend is likely to continue.

State of the Internet: Fiber, Fast Cities and Faster Broadband

Broadband continues to spread worldwide and the high-speed internet movement is going wireless, according to data collected by Akamai for its latest State of the Internet report. Here are glimpses of the report, including fastest cities in the world as well as some U.S. stats.

Finally, 100 Mbps Everywhere (If You Have Comcast)

It has been a long time coming, but now subscribers in the U.S. can sign up for a 100 Mbps broadband connection. Comcast, the largest cable (and broadband) company announced Thursday that it’s launching Extreme 105 across its entire footprint, which covers 40 million homes.

U.S. Lags as Britain Introduces 100 Mbps Broadband

Virgin Media, a U.K.-based cable company, has introduced a 100 Mbps broadband connection at reasonable prices. It might not be as cheap as broadband in Japan, but at least it’s better than what we’ve got in the U.S.

Cable Considers Faster Broadband Standard

CableLabs, the standard-setting organization for the cable industry, is pondering next-generation cable broadband technology that would be able to deliver up to 5 gigabits per second down. The proposed standard would be more efficient but require a rethinking of the current network architecture.