WatchDox Goes Pro and Pay

WatchDox - document control, document tracking & document protectionRecently, I wrote about WatchDox, the security application that allows you to secure and track the documents you send online. The company behind the app, Confidela, has just moved the app to a fee-based model (free accounts are no longer available). As of this week, you can test out the application for 30 days for free before selecting either the Pro version (for the individual) or the Business version (with additional features). Existing individual users are grandfathered in and can retain their free account but still have to upgrade if they want the features available in the Business account.
Some new features on all the paid accounts include the denying people the ability to take a screenshot of any documents sent through Watchdox. I tested this out by trying to take a Skitch screen grab of a protected document, and it immediately went into “curtain” mode, blurring the content. Read More about WatchDox Goes Pro and Pay