iPad reportedly getting Microsoft Office in 2012: Do we need it?

Microsoft, lumbering giant that it is, is reportedly arriving late to the iPad party with a version of its Office document editing suite in 2012. At this point, I’m wondering whether iOS users would covet an official Office solution, or whether the possibility leaves you indifferent.

Let’s make Google Docs suck less

Google Docs, which can be slow and hard to use, is an essential product in need of improvement. At GigaOM, we see problems as opportunity for innovation, so we invite you, readers, to weigh in on how would you fix or change Google’s extremely-handy-but-could-be-so-much-better productivity tools.

Quick look: Document scanning in an iPad world

As I try to carry my iPad more and my MacBook less, one of the key reasons I still needed a portable computer was scanning. I’ve tested many portable scanners that still needed a computer, but now Visoneer offers a cross-platform, device-independent mobile scanning solution.

iPad Office Suites: Quickoffice or Documents To Go

If all you want is iWork files primarily on your iPad, no need to look beyond the iWork Suite for the iPad. However, now that the iPad versions of Documents To Go and Quickoffice are finally out, which one is right for you?

Using Web Tools For Creating and Managing Contracts

When doing business online it’s always safer to have your agreements in writing. Fortunately, there are now a variety of tools that allow us to draft, share and sign contracts online. Here’s a roundup of some of those tools, and some tips on using them.

Compare Multiple Documents With CompareMyDocs.com

CompareMyDocsLogoOne of the banes of many writers’ existence (including my own!) is inheriting a slew of documents where the people working on them previously haven’t paid much heed to document versioning, leaving you trying to make sense of a mishmash of documents. On more than one occasion, I’ve been left hoping for a tool that would enable me to compare documents in bulk so I can get a mess of a documentation library under control before I can begin the real work on a project.
While word processors like Microsoft Word (s msft) often include a one-to-one compare documents feature, what if you inherit a whole library of documents? Enter CompareMyDocs.com, a new web-based service from Nordic River, the makers of TextFlow, a version management tool. It enables you to compare multiple .rtf, .doc, and .docx documents. Read More about Compare Multiple Documents With CompareMyDocs.com

Open and Save Word Documents With TextEdit


Microsoft (s msft) Word was one of my favorite and most-used applications back in the early days. I started Mac (s aapl) word processing first with Word 4 and upgraded to Word 5.1 in 1993. Amazingly, that old application still starts up and works fine in Classic Mode on my G4 PowerBook.

However, the disastrous Word 6 broke my Word habit, and Word 5.1 was the last Microsoft software I ever bought. I’ve turned to other software ever since for text crunching and word processing, and don’t really miss Word except when someone sends me a Word document, or when I need to send a file to someone who works in Word. Read More about Open and Save Word Documents With TextEdit

WatchDox Makes Document Security Simple

WatchDox - document control, document tracking & document protectionEvery so often, a new app hits my radar that gives me that “Wow! Awesome! Right On!” feeling. Launching into public beta today, WatchDox by Confidela is such an app. If you want to share a document securely with someone, WatchDox can do that. But it also does much more, namely letting you specify permissions on the document, such as the whether it can be printed, copied or forwarded. Then you can track all the activity of your document so you can see all the places your document has been sent, by whom and when, who opened it and when, who printed it and when — a complete document activity audit. Yet its features are practical, sensible and uncluttered. Read More about WatchDox Makes Document Security Simple