AT&T to FCC: With T-Mo, We’ll Be Better. Promise.

AT&T’s strategy for pushing through its $39-billion purchase of T-Mobile, thus consolidating further the majority of the mobile subscribers, 4G-capable spectrum and revenue in the U.S. is fantastic. Let’s take a look at the promises, the changes in strategy and the continuing issues.

DOJ Investigates MPEG LA’s WebM Patent Pool

The Department of Justice and the California State Attorney are looking into MPEG LA’s formation of a patent pool for Google’s WebM video format. Regulators are trying to figure out whether the patent pool is meant to stifle competition for the established video format H.264.

So You Want to Stream NBCU Shows Online?

Conditions imposed on Comcast and NBC Universal by the FCC and DOJ will require the companies to make their cable content available to new online video distributors. But those over-the-top distributors have some hurdles to jump before the regulatory agencies will enforce those conditions.

DoJ Subpoena Proves Twitter’s Value — and Its Weakness

The US government’s move to order Twitter to disclose information about users involved with WikiLeaks confirms the network’s status as a real-time information network, but also makes it obvious how much we have come to rely on it, and the implications of that dependence.

DOJ Settles With Apple, Adobe, Google Over Hiring Collusion Charges

The U.S. Department of Justice has reached a settlement with Adobe Systems, Apple, Google, Intel Corp., Intuit and Pixar, which will prevent them from signing no-solicitation agreements for employees. It’s been widely rumored that high-tech companies entered these agreements to eliminate competition for skilled employees.