Dollhouse’s Enver Gjokaj Gets Soapy on Funny or Die

[show=pointdume size=large]Any fan of Joss Whedon’s now-departed Dollhouse knows that the freakiest thing about the show wasn’t its dystopian neuropunk brain experiments, but the talent of its at-the-time-unknown supporting cast, who were challenged to create completely different characters on a weekly basis, but made it look easy over the show’s brief run. Enver Gjokaj, known mostly as Victor on the show, was one of those standouts, and today the web gets to see him play yet another set of dual roles in the soap opera parody Previously On Point Dume.

Running as a Funny or Die exclusive, the first installment of Point Dume keeps its tongue firmly in cheek as it sets up the titular wealthy beach community as one rampant with murder, sex, and supernatural intrigue. The gimmick of the series, though, is that you’re not actually watching the show: You’re actually watching an entire episode’s worth of narrative as summed up by a “Previously On…” montage (a format which seems familiar, though I’m drawing a blank on specific examples from the web world that have previously emulated it — perhaps it’s just an idea that’s gotten pitched a lot).

Per an interview with’s Charlie Jane Anders, the first episode of Point Dume is the only one that currently exists — Gjokaj and his collaborators (including writer Ross Maxwell and director John Lange) are waiting to shoot the next four installments until late May or June, after they’ve gotten feedback from the online audience. Read More about Dollhouse’s Enver Gjokaj Gets Soapy on Funny or Die

StatShot: Dollhouse Is a Doozy on Twitter

Because the Gleeks have basically taken over Twitter with their musical Tweets, crushing the competition on the Most Twittered TV Shows list, the good folks at Trendrr decided mix things up this week. With Glee‘s dominance out of the picture the remaining graph looks more interesting.

Dollhouse scored nicely with roughly 8,500 Twitter posts on Friday. That was probably because of all the Whedonistas crying about the fact that the show is going on hiatus in November. Dexter slashed his way onto the list with more than 5,200 tweets.


Of course we didn’t just ignore Glee, we just gave the show its own graph on account it being so darn popular. The show continues to grow, peaking at nearly 57,000 tweets last Thursday.


NOTE: The weekly top five most twittered shows is put together from an analysis of tweets matching the exact names of 63 television programs. Trendrr looks at the source data to check that at least 95% of the tweets are related to the show. For more metrics surrounding your favorite show, go to and put the name of the show into the search tab.

Vid-Biz: Redbox, NBComcast, Dollhouse

FOX Files Brief to Dismiss Redbox’s Suit; the two entities are in an ongoing tussle over $1 per night movie rentals and timely access to DVDs; the studio calls Redbox’s claims “fatally flawed.” (AllThingsD) For some background on this story, see our previous coverage.

Analyst: NBComcast Would Pass Government Muster; Stifel Nicolaus says operator/programmer combo would likely get administration approval with certain conditions. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Dollhouse Gets into Augmented Reality; desktop download puts a virtual “Echo” on your screen acting out various actions. (The Live Feed) For more on augmented reality, check out the new GigaOM Pro report Augmented Reality: Lost of Promise, Lots of Hurdles. (subscription required)

What Does the Flip Remote Control? New filing with the FCC shows a Flip Video-branded RF remote. (Engadget)

Video Game Spore to Become a Movie; 20th Century Fox acquires the rights to turn it into a CG animated feature. (Heat Vision Blog)

Students in Disney Movie Appreciation Club Told They Can’t Watch Films; because multiple students were gathered to watch the movie without a proper license, the group shut down. (TechDirt)

Sorry, Whedonistas, No Dollhouse Web Content for You!

dollhouseNerdgod Joss Whedon proved last year with the still-talked-about Dr. Horrible, that he knows how to tell a story for the web. Sadly for Whedonauts looking for more Jossy web goodies, there will be no Dollhouse content to sate your appetite until Neil Patrick Harris dons the goggles again in Dr. Horrible 2.

Complex magazine (via io9) has an interview with Whedon himself where he explains:

Complex: Are you guys producing web content this year for the show too?

Joss Whedon: We’re not. Just because they’re not really looking to spend extra money on the show. The network has dropped their licensing dramatically, it’s the studio who has really picked up the slack to make this happen. Ironically, we actually have what would be fabulous web content, which is the whole 2019 storyline from “Epitaph One.” Whereas last year, it was like “I don’t think we have anything for the Web.” When they added 10 minutes to every episode, they gave it up. This year I’m like, “We have some great ideas for the Internet!” and they’re like, “Yeah…no.”

Sigh. Bummer.

Oh well. For the web, we’ll always have The Astonishing X-Men motion comic… On second thought — never mind.

Vid-Biz: WonderWheel, Mobile Vids, MovieIQ

YouTube Adds WonderWheel! Search tool graphically shows other video recommendations; site also introduced improved search, and downloadable MP4 files of your work. (YouTube Blog)


U.S. Mobile Video Revenue to Hit $350 Million This Year; up from $300 million in 2008, with growth spurred by increase in smart phone adoption, according to SNL Kagan. (Video Business)

Sony Launching a “Pop-Up Video”-Like Trivia Service for Films; MovieIQ lets you call up information related to the exact scene you are watching on net-connected Blu-ray devices. (VentureBeat)

Dollhouse Had Highest Percentage of DVR Viewers for the 2008-09 TV Season; 32 percent of all viewing was done on a DVR; followed by The Office, Heroes, Lost and 90210. (TV by the Numbers)

Justin.TV Adds DVR Features; “Continue Watching This Later” button lets you will record a video so you can come back to it. (TechCrunch)

D’oh! Homer Simpson’s Voice on GPS Device; TomTom navigation devices now offer directions voiced by the famous animated father. (The Hollywood Reporter) Sample some directions here.

France-Telecom Orange Rolling Out VOD Site; “Welles” to offer ad-supported streaming of TV shows, movies as well as some consumer-generated content. (Variety)

Dr. Horrible Goes Live, and More on Joss Whedon’s Evil Plans

Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog goes live today (go here to buy it on iTunes) with the first of three all-singing, some-dancing installments, the way it was meant to be seen: on your computer monitors. But how was it on the big screen? I had a chance to see it (and review it) at last Thursday’s cast-and-crew screening, where it played beautifully — Nathan Fillion’s manly attributes and big musical numbers getting almost equal amounts of applause.

From left, writer Maurissa Tancharoen, Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion; and Neil Patrick Harris, back, in a hat. Photo by David Sarno, used with permission.

And afterwards, Whedon, stars Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day, and co-writers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen hung around to answer a few questions, mostly revolving around the difficulties of production when not working with a studio. With an estimated budget in the low six figures that came directly out of Whedon’s pocket (“I sold a lot of Girl Scout cookies,” said the man with two different TV series in syndication), the project’s pedigree makes claims to guerrilla filmmaking a bit hard to swallow. But everyone involved clearly relished the chance to participate in a project made under conditions Whedon defined as “street legal” — even if, in Whedon’s words, the hectic seven days of shooting “broke a few people.” Read More about Dr. Horrible Goes Live, and More on Joss Whedon’s Evil Plans

Joss Whedon Fans Jump the Gun

Perhaps still smarting from their precious Firefly being killed off so soon, Joss Whedon fans are already mobilizing to save his next show, Dollhousebefore the first episode airs.

The Underwire blog writes that rabid Whedonistas are activating, forming (which sounds like it’s for an entirely different kind of entertainment), organizing viewing parties of the trailer and encouraging people to buy the merchandise.

Not all fans are united though, as some fear all this nervous-nelly attention will create a backlash towards the show before it’s even begun. Networks like CBS are gun-shy of online fans after the resurrection of Jericho didn’t reinvigorate the ratings. More recently, the vampire drama Moonlight was unceremoniously sucked off air, despite Internet protests.