God & Country Line Up to Stop White Spaces

A week before the Federal Communications Commission is set to vote on a proposal to turn over spectrum between the digital television channels for a wireless broadband service, singer/songwriter Dolly Parton has come out against the plan.

Dolly Parton NOT Dead, Merlin Bronques: NTV Station Today

A mean rumor circulated last Friday that Dolly Parton had died at the age of 60. But don’t worry, kids, she’s OK! To prove how full of awesome the country star still is, here’s a low-quality video of her performing a month ago at the House of Blues.

And Karina Longworth shares her fascination with Merlin Bronques, whose fame-mongering photo blog chronicled the New York party scene Girls Gone Wild-style, and who has now transformed his style for… an energy drink commercial? Check out the ultra-hip viral ad with your own “fascinated ill will” at NewTeeVee Station!