Dolphin Browser proves it’s ready for an HTML5 future

No mobile browser has passed through the first two hurdles in the Ringmark test, a tool created by Facebook that checks for a wide range of HTML5 support. That is, no mobile browser until now. The most recent beta of Dolphin Browser for Android just did.

Dolphin Browser adds Sonar: Useful voice search

Dolphin Sonar is now part of the popular Dolphin Browser for Android, making it easy to search the web, share links or open specific web pages by speaking. I tested Sonar and see much to like now, and in the future, thanks to web services.

Dolphin Browser improves with Skitch and Evernote

Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party web client for Android devices, is set to get even more popular. On Tuesday, the browser gained two new add-ons: support for both Skitch and Evernote, making it easier to annotate, draw on, or capture web content for saving or sharing.

Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync

One of the most popular third-party web browsers for Android devices, Dolphin, gained support for cloud-based synchronization on Wednesday. The updated software syncs browsing preferences, bookmarks and even on-screen gestures over the web to other Android devices running Dolphin and the Webzine feature shows improved controls.

Dolphin browser shines in iPad debut; still can’t replace Safari

Dolphin HD for the iPad, like its iPhone counterpart released earlier this month, is free and brings a number of features not available in mobile Safari. But will users embrace an alternative that can never be the default, no matter how well conceived?

Dolphin Browser on iOS is solid, but will you use it?

Boasting 9 million users, one the most popular third-party browsers for Google Android devices, Dolphin Browser, is now available for Apple iOS devices. My hands-on shows many nice features: tabbed browsing, gestures, and a Webzine view. But there’s one huge sticking point for Dolphin on iOS.

Dolphin Browser for Android turns web into a magazine

I previously gave Android device owners eight reasons to try the Dolphin Browser, and today the company adds reason number nine. The newest version of the popular third-party browser adds a Webzine feature, turning the browsing experience into a magazine-like platform to read top-tier content.

8 Reasons Android Owners Should Try Dolphin Browser

Got an Android smartphone or tablet? If so, you’re likely running the stock Google browser that comes with Android. But after using the Dolphin Browser HD app several months ago, it has become the first bit of software I load on any new Android device.