Feds Propose First Fuel Economy, Emissions Standards for Big Trucks

The Obama administration has just unveiled a proposal to require some of the biggest vehicles on the road — including school buses, fire engines, big rigs, large pickup trucks and vans — to slash fuel consumption and emissions by 10-20 percent between 2014 and 2018.

Daily Sprout

Cash for Clunkers Fraud, Already: The Department of Transportation warns consumers and dealers to watch out for scammers implying you need  to register with them to be eligible for vouchers under the new cash for clunkers program. “This is completely untrue.” — The Truth About Cars

Offshore Wind Leases Blow In: Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today issued five exploratory leases for wind energy production offshore from New Jersey and Delaware. — Press Release

Toyota Still Stuck on Hydrogen: Toyota Motor has in the past hinted at a 2014 launch for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but now it plans to roll out fuel cell vehicles in 2015. — AFP via Autoblog

GreenHunter on the Prowl for a Buyer: “GreenHunter Energy said today it is exploring a possible sale of its massive biodiesel refinery at the Houston Ship Channel as it works to improve its balance sheet and struggles with a tough market for the alternative fuel.” — Houston Chronicle

Chick Chick Vroom?: University of Delaware scientists say carbonized chicken feather fibers could be used to store hydrogen for cars at a fraction of the cost of carbon nanotubes and metal hydrates. — Green Car Congress