The F|R Interview: Turn Co-founder, Jim Barnett

Jim Barnett is co-founder and CEO of Turn, a three-year-old online advertising firm that uses an eBay-like auction to improve the way advertisers are matched to web publishers. Previously, Jim was president of AltaVista, and later, of Overture’s search division, which Yahoo bought for $1.6 billion in 2003. Jim talks to us about why he finally became a founder, why bootstrapping is not always the answer, and why sometimes co-founders need to part ways.

F|R: When did you first get the startup bug?

Barnett: Unlike some of your contributors, I’m a serial CEO. Historically, my passion and expertise has been taking entrepreneurial companies and scaling them into professionally-run companies. I did that with several companies, but ever since I was a kid I wanted to run a company from scratch.

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FTC Gives Go-Ahead to Google-DoubleClick Deal

This just in: Google’s $3.1 billion merger with DoubleClick has been cleared by the Federal Trade Commission, which said it saw neither current nor potential competitive problems with the deal. Australia and Brazil have already cleared it as well, but Google cannot close the acquisition until the European Commission, which is still examining it, gives the OK.

Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Google, in a statement said, “We hope that the European Commission will soon reach the same conclusion, and we are confident that this deal will deliver more relevant ads for consumers, more choices for advertisers, and more opportunities for website publishers.”