15B downloads for Apple’s App Store

Apple passed the 15 billion download milestone for the App Store on Thursday, reaching the lofty mark only seven months after it exceeded 10 billion downloads. The App Store took two years to reach its first five billion, so growth is rapidly rising.

iTunes Match and iCloud: Pirate reward or anti-theft measures?

iTunes Match, and its ability to deliver high-quality DRM-free versions of music in your library to all your iOS, Mac and PC devices via iCloud seems like a reward for music piracy. But it might also be a way of getting back what once was lost.

Report: Lock-in From Apple’s Heavy App Users Will Keep It Ahead

Apple’s App Store dominance isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, according to a new report. Despite an eroding lead thanks the growing popularity of the Android Market and other offerings, Apple shows signs of being able to hold on to its download advantage for a while yet.

App Store Beats iTunes to 10 Billion Downloads by 6 Years

Apple has posted a downloads countdown page on its site as it approaches 10 billion apps downloaded. This year marks the App Store’s third birthday, so that’s an average of over 3 billion app downloads per year. iTunes took eight years to reach the same milestone.

Mac App Store Sees More Than 1M Downloads in First Day

The just-launched Mac App Store experienced more than 1 million downloads in its first active day, according to Apple. No word on how many of those were paid or how many were free, but Apple seems eager to attract new developers with the news.

iTunes U Passes 300 Million Downloads Milestone

Apple’s tooting its own horn again, and this time it’s to the tune of 300 million downloads for iTunes U, the service that allows iTunes account holders to download lectures and other educational materials from various academic institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, MIT and more.

More on Apple’s Billions: This Time, It’s iTunes

Billions and billions. It’s a theme that has accompanied me all week. In fact, I imagine I know a little how Carl Sagan must have felt. After writing about Apple’s (s aapl) billions just a few days ago, here I am again — but this time it’s not data centers and custom silicon — it’s music.

We reported here back in early February that Apple was running its 10 Billion Song Countdown Contest. Yesterday afternoon, as Steve Jobs was (probably not) blowing out the fifty five candles on his birthday cake, the odometer stopped when, according to The Loop, Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia, downloaded Guess Things Happen That Way by Johnny Cash.

The download likely earned Johnny Cash the usual pittance in royalties, while Sulcer became the lucky recipient of a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple.

Naturally, I’m insanely jealous. Read More about More on Apple’s Billions: This Time, It’s iTunes

10 Billion iTunes Song Downloads Could Equal $10K for One Lucky Customer

Planning on buying any music anytime soon? If you are, you may want to keep an eye on the new counter Apple (s aapl) is running over on its web site. You can find it by visiting the special 10 Billion Song Countdown contest page the company has set up as it nears the momentous milestone.

When that number does hit 10 billion (as of this writing, it was almost at 9.9 billion), one lucky iTunes customer who actually makes the 10 billionth purchase could win a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. That’s a lot of songs, TV shows or even apps, depending on what you fancy. Especially if rumors prove true and TV show prices drop to just a dollar. And at the current pace of around 100 songs per second, it will be just under two weeks until that milestone is hit. Read More about 10 Billion iTunes Song Downloads Could Equal $10K for One Lucky Customer

The iPod Touch Holiday Sales Spike, or Why Apple is Building a Tablet

Christmas was kind to Apple (s aapl) this year. The iPod touch seems to have been a popular gift this holiday season, at least according to some interesting statistics regarding App Store downloads over the period leading up to and including Christmas day. App download activity information tracked by Flurry Analytics (via MobileCrunch) shows a massive increase in downloads on December 25.

The iPhone also experienced a holiday bump, although nowhere near the surge the iPod touch had. That’s to be expected, since people are far less likely to give an iPhone as a gift, considering the attendant cell service contract and recurring fees associated with the smartphone. This also marks the first time app downloads on the iPod touch have exceeded those on the iPhone. Read More about The iPod Touch Holiday Sales Spike, or Why Apple is Building a Tablet

Apple Boasts 1.5B App Store Downloads in First Year

App Store Anniversary

Apple (s aapl) likes numbers, and shoving said numbers in our faces every time they reach a milestone of any kind. To celebrate the App Store’s first birthday, the company’s got a suitably huge figure to brandish: 1.5 billion. That one, five and eight zeroes indicates the number of iPhone apps downloaded within the store’s inaugural year. It’s an impressive number on its own, but it becomes even more impressive when you recall that it was only a little over two months ago that Apple hit the 1 billion-mark.

That’s half a billion downloads in around two and a half months. To say iPhone 3.0 and the new 3GS hardware probably had an effect on app downloading volume would be a gross understatement. A cursory and very unscientific examination of Twitter at the time of the official release of 3.0 saw a massive surge in interest surrounding the App Store, as people frantically shared and searched for any news of what the first push-enabled apps would be. And then probably downloaded those apps in droves as they came out. Read More about Apple Boasts 1.5B App Store Downloads in First Year