14 Free iTunes Visualizers

Apple’s iTunes application is perhaps the most popular app ever installed on the Mac. It’s also one of the least flexible in terms of customization. There’s little you can do to “make it your own,” so to speak. However, all is not lost for habitual tweakers like myself; the iTunes Visualizer can satisfy your need to not leave well-enough alone. I’ve put together a list of 14 cool (and free) Visualizers to get your started with your collection.

Free Movie Downloads From 5 Filmmakers Who Learned to Love BitTorrent

americanprinceThe war on piracy can be a scary thing, especially if you’re a creative caught between the front lines. Hollywood would love to rid the world of file-sharing. Your audience, on the other hand, seems to consist mostly of pirates that download movies for free, watch unauthorized clips on YouTube and subscribe to Netflix just to make use of their DVD burner.

So how do filmmakers react? Well, some of them have started to embrace piracy and published their own works on sites like The Pirate Bay. Their motivations vary: Some just want to give back to their fans, others don’t like the studio system, and some never would have gotten distribution in the first place. The result, however, is always the same: free movies! For details and download links, read on.

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Apple Bringing Video Purchasing/Downloads to the iPhone


I dream of the day when my iPhone’s sync cable lies dusty and neglected in the back of a cabinet somewhere, and that day is getting closer and closer, thanks to iPhone OS 3.0. Yet another new feature discovered last week suggests that iPhone owners will have one less reason to connect and sync their devices come June. The feature in question is the ability to buy and download video content via iTunes.

The discovery came via “leaked” official Apple ad spots in the app Twitterfon (although I have trouble believing Apple (s aapl) would inadvertently be this sloppy) for iTunes TV, iTunes Movies, and iTunes Movie Rentals.

According to Twitter users, the source of the news, and commenters on this post, tapping on the ads redirected users with iPhone OS 3.0 installed on their phone to a previously unknown subsection of the built-in iTunes app, where movies and TV shows are listed. Movie links aren’t active yet, but it otherwise seems to be nearly ready for public consumption. Read More about Apple Bringing Video Purchasing/Downloads to the iPhone

Question of the Day: How to flak a Flash accelerator?

One of our founders, named Udi, has built a software application for desktop-download and he’s not sure how to market it. He is in a noisy space: it’s a “Flash Video accelerator.” (And don’t we all need one?) But Udi says his really amps site speeds, even YouTube’s — about which we’ve heard plenty of complaints.
We assume most of you are potential users of Udi’s product, so his query forms our

Question of the Day: How can Udi get his Flash Video accelerator noticed? How might he cleverly distribute it in a way that it might reach you?

Udi’s full text follows. Read More about Question of the Day: How to flak a Flash accelerator?

TM Themes – A new repository of TextMate themes

TM Themes

I’ve been a hardcore TextMate user for over a year now and really can’t function without it. It’s an app we’ve covered a number of times.

One thing I really love about TextMate is how extendible/customizable it’s themes are. I’m a visual coder and having a theme that I can customize to my coding style really speeds up development for me.

The Macromates website has a pretty extensive theme gallery with downloads of dozens of themes but other than that, there isn’t much else out there in terms of “repositories” for themes.

Today a new site dedicated specifically to TextMate themes launched, called TM Themes.

Right now the collection is quite slim but once that is expanded it should be much easier to find themes you like. There’s a rating and comment feature built in also to help you narrow down the good from the bad.

Be sure to check out the site and upload any custom themes you’ve created!

eMusic: Now it’s universal

eMusic The big news this week is undoubtedly Apple’s announcement of the new iPod product line and the lower price of the iPhone. With new iPods comes a new version of iTunes — 7.4 in this case — but despite The Steve’s Thoughts On Music and NBC’s very public departure from the iTunes Store, iTunes purchases are still heavily bolted to the floor with DRM. Even iTunes Plus purchases are watermarked, if not rights-managed.

Fortunately, there’s eMusic, the next largest online music retailer behind the iTunes Store. All songs at eMusic are available in pure MP3 format, encoded with the LAME variable bitrate (VBR) encoder, completely unrestricted by DRM. If your musical tastes are like mine, you’ll find eMusic to be indie music heaven. Many artists available there are unsigned or self-promoted through IODA, the Independent Online Distribution Alliance, but eMusic’s catalog of popular names is formidable as well, including the only DRM-free online version of Paul McCartney’s Memory Almost Full.

Until recently, though, the eMusic Download Manager has been available only as a PowerPC application, and ran a bit sluggishly under Rosetta on Intel-based Macs. But that has all changed. Meet the brand spankin’ new eMusic Remote 1.0 — available for Windows, Mac (PPC, Intel, and Universal), and Linux.

The new eMusic Remote is built atop the Gecko engine from Mozilla and integrates a browser window with the download manager, allowing eMusic customers to browse, preview, and download all from the same application without having to open a new window or tab in Safari, Firefox, Camino, or other browser.

So for all you readers who are already eMusic subscribers, go download the Technology Preview of the eMusic Remote; I’d like to hear your thoughts on it! Do you like the integrated experience, or would you rather have a slim application that just does the download? Is it just me, or does it actually run faster?

If you’re not an eMusic member, you can get 25 free downloads when you sign up at the website, or if email me at tab (at) paXoo -dot- com, I’ll send you a link to double that for 50 free downloads when you sign up.