Citrix buys Bytemobile, targets mobile operators

Desktop virtualization and cloud computing vendor Citrix Systems is expanding into the mobile infrastructure market, announcing on Thursday it plans to acquire mobile traffic optimization company Bytemobile. The companies didn’t disclose the terms of the deal, but they expect it to close in the third quarter.

Internet Observatory offers real-time IP traffic trends

Broadband geeks don’t have to look to the stars any longer to guess how much of Europe’s bandwidth is generated by BitTorrent and how SIP is faring against Skype on the continent. Ipoque’s new Internet Observatory offers real-time traffic data for these and other trends.

Is Mediacom Using Deep-Packet Inspection for Ads?

Mediacom, a regional cable provider and ISP that serves about 838,000 broadband subscribers, appears to be using a controversial technology known as deep packet inspection to insert advertisements on top of web sites its customers visit, according to a report from BroadbandReports.

When It Comes to Net Neutrality, the Future of Filtering Is Up for Debate

600px-US-FCC-Seal.svgThe FCC has yet to issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) formally kicking off the process of writing and promulgating net neutrality regulations, but the battle over the scope of the new rules is already well underway within media and technology circles in Washington, D.C. At the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit on the campus of Georgetown University on Monday, for example, panelists clashed over whether the agency will or should allow, or even mandate, the use of deep packet inspection (DPI) and other invasive techniques to block the illegal transfer of copyrighted content over broadband networks. Read More about When It Comes to Net Neutrality, the Future of Filtering Is Up for Debate

FTC to Take a Deep Look at DPI?

In the battle over consumer privacy, it looks like information gleaned from deep packet inspection may be under fire, according to a post on Perkins Coie’s law blog. Deep packet inspection tools can review the content of each packet of information traversing the web. The post, written by Barry Reingold, a partner with the law firm, notes that the Bureau of Consumer Protection director at the Federal Trade Commission has indicated how unhappy he is with the status of online privacy, and posits that DPI may be the next aspect of data collection that will be regulated. Read More about FTC to Take a Deep Look at DPI?

DPI: It’s Going to Be About More Than Ads

The practice of deep packet inspection has raised privacy concerns among several organizations, including The Free Press and Center for Democracy and Technology. Congress recently heard testimony about ISPs using the technology to target advertising at web surfers. But DPI vendors reveal that advertising is a blunt instrument when it comes to generating revenue. It’s likely most carriers will use DPI, which can determine the details of packets traveling over the web, to boost sales in far more subtle ways. Read More about DPI: It’s Going to Be About More Than Ads