Turn pirates into customers: a smart approach to the photo problem

The popularity of image sites like Instagram and Pinterest means more photo sharing — but also more copyright infringement. If we’re to avoid the bitter experience of the music industry, image owners should look to Dreamstime’s example of turning infringers into customers.

Question of the Day: Site Membership Models

Today’s Question of the Day comes from early Found|READ contributor, Sanchit Bhatnagar, cofounder of a New Delhi-based webshop called Toufee, where consumers can make Flash-based movies. (Obviously, San’s been burning the candle!) Here is San’s MySpace profile, too.

San wants advice on what kind of membership model works best for monetization and customer growth purposes on consumer sites like his. Can you help?


… I have two membership models in mind.

The first plan is your “gold standard”: In this model, pricing is determined by the features in the the package. A good example is found at CrazyEgg. What I like about this models is that its time-tested and easy for users to understand. It is also good for lump sum income.

The second is a “pay-per-use” or credits-based plan.
In this model, a user purchases a number of credits (one-time or recurring) which are used up as s/he performs certain functions on the website. A good example of this is at Dreamstime. (The credits model could also be applied to CrazyEgg, say, where 100 credits were given for every 10,000 visits, just to give you an example). Read More about Question of the Day: Site Membership Models