DreamWorks and YouTube launch YouTube Nation show


DreamWorks Animation and YouTube (S GOOG) are going to launch a new daily video show called YouTube Nation on the service Tuesday. The show will highlight “some of the best and most interesting videos” on the service every day, according to the Los Angeles Times. Each episode will run five minutes, and DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg told the Times that the show is going to be “a very good and a very valuable business” for the company.

DreamWorks Animation CTO: Bad 3-D movies can make you sick

A bad 2-D movie is something you can shrug off, but a bad 3-D movie can make you physically sick, said DreamWorks Animation CTO Ed Leonard at our GigaOM Roadmap conference in San Francisco on Thursday. Still, DreamWorks is very much committed to 3-D.

First DreamWorks titles pop up on Netflix

Not scared enough by Netflix’s stock tanking 34 percent this morning? Then how about watching an episode of Spooky Stories featuring Shrek and his donkey sidekick? The show is part of some DreamWorks titles that have made their way to Netlix long before many expected.

Netflix steals Dreamworks from HBO

Dreamworks is parting with HBO snd giving its movies to Netflix instead: Starting in 2013, Netflix customers will be able to stream both new and catalog titles of the animation studio. Netflix was apparently willing to pay significantly more than HBO currently does.