HTML 5 video outperforms Flash on mobile devices

New benchmark tests confirm what we have long suspected: Flash video on mobile devices just doesn’t look as good as HTML5 video, especially when it comes to HD clips. Support for hardware acceleration could alleviate most of these issues, but not for every user.

jkOnTheRun Video: Droid X, a Top Performer

The Droid X on Verizon may be the best Android phone on the market. The big-screened device, encased in a thin form with great hardware components, does not fall short in any area. The fast performance of the Droid X is shown in this short video.

Your 5 Motorola Droid X Questions Answered

Verizon Wireless loaned me a Motorola Droid X, which arrived yesterday. Readers are already asking about this new handset, so here are five reader questions answered. You might be surprised by the most innovative feature offered by Droid X — I wish every phone had it.