Pivotal vet to head up marketing for Pantheon

Matt Stodolnic, a marketing veteran with years of experience at Pivotal, VMware, and Salesforce.com has moved onto Pantheon, the company that’s built its business on Drupal-based content management systems (CMS).

San Francisco-based [company]Pantheon[/company] sees a big opportunity moving companies off of custom-built CMS systems to a SaaS model where it manages and updates the code for customers which include The Boston Herald, Digiday, NBC Universal, the Economist etc.

In past lives, Stodolnic oversaw teams of web designers and engineers who set up and manage the databases, CDN, caching, patches and security of those systems. It was a lot of heavy lifting, and to him it seemed a sort of Groundhog Day of designers reinventing the same CMSes over and over again.

Pantheon takes that that heavy lifting off a company’s plate for a monthly subscription fee. Competitors include [company]Acquia[/company], [company]HP[/company] Interwoven and Adobe Systems CQ.

pantheon screen

Acquia adds Amazon as an investor

[company]Amazon[/company] has taken an undisclosed stake in [company]Acquia[/company], a startup that provides commercial services around the open-source Drupal content management system. Acquia relies on Amazon Web Services to help the startup handle the 333 terabytes of bandwidth it serves up each month, Acquia CTO Dries Buytaert wrote in a blog post; the startup runs on over 8,000 AWS instances. In late May, Acquia took in $50 million in a series F funding round, which brought total investment in the Burlington, Mass.-based company to $118.6 million.

Acquia scores $50M in Series F funding

Acquia, which aims to build a profitable content management business atop open-source Drupal, now has $50M more big ones to build out sales and marketing.

White House open sources “We the People” petition app

You never know what you’ll find on GitHub. Starting Thursday, you could download the source code to the Obama Administration’s “We The People” online petition application from the open source repository and start adapting it for your petition needs.

Acquia buys Mollom to build bigger, better content moderation

Together Acquia and Mollom say they can build a content moderation platform that will let organizations manage user-generated content for many sites from a single dashboard. Acquia’s Bryan House said Mollom will also continue to support third-party (non-Acquia) content management systems.

Hosted Community App Vanilla Forums Now Embeddable

Vanilla Forums, which I wrote about last year, has added several new features. Notably, forums can now be embedded in other website using simple JavaScript code. The embedded forums can use your site’s theme and CSS, or can use one of the many Vanilla themes.

The Open Source Opportunity

Yesterday, Simon noted that Elance’s Online Work Index, which analyzes the hot categories for jobs posted on its marketplace, shows PHP-related jobs holding the No. 1 spot in July (as has been true since February). This lines up with trends that we have been tracking on the OStatic blog, where open source and open source-related skills are becoming key differentiators for people seeking work in tech. Not only do such skills help those seeking work stand out from the crowd, but job opportunities related to open source are on the rise in many categories, even in this bad economy.

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