Vid-Biz: DTV, iPhone, BT

2.8 Million Unprepared for the DTV Transition; the national analog shutoff happens Friday, younger African-American and Hispanic households most unready; elderly are the most ready. (CNET)

What’s Up With Live Video Streaming for the iPhone? Companies like Qik and Ustream are still unsure what live-streaming functionality the new 3G S iPhone will allow. (TechCrunch)

BT Wants to Charge Video Content Providers; company says content providers like YouTube should pony up for the amount of bandwidth they consume on its network. (GigaOM) Last week, BT was caught throttling the BBC iPlayer in the evenings.

New HDMI Spec Supports 3D; the 1.4 specification of the high-definition multimedia interface would also allow for 4K HD formats (current is 2K) and make it easier to connect devices and watch HD content from the Internet. (Multichannel News)

Cable VOD to Become More Web Like; as the number of titles available increase, Time Warner Cable looks to improve search, add recommendations and connect to your mobile device. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Bid4Spots to Start Selling Local Cable TV Airtime Today; company kicks off its reverse-auction clearinghouse for unsold ad inventory. (MediaWeek)

Pirate Bay Judge Ruled Not Biased; though the judge was a member of copyright associations, court says that was for him to stay on top of copyright issues. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Comedy Writers Find New Opportunities Online; with sit-coms on the decline on traditional TV, scribes from shows like Human Giant and even Beverly Hills 90210 are creating comic bits for the web. (Variety)

Friday Will Be FLO Day for Qualcomm

img_mediaflo_logoQualcommm’s (QCOM) MediaFLO mobile television service has the potential to reach 40 percent more people once the DTV transition occurs on Friday. The switch from analog television signals to digital television signals had been scheduled for mid-February, but concerns that a subset of the population weren’t adequately prepared for it led Washington to legislate a four-month delay. That hold-up effectively stopped Qualcomm from launching service in 15 new markets, among them San Francisco, Houston, Miami and Boston, where it owned rights to the analog spectrum being used by local television stations to transmit their signals.

But the end is in sight for Qualcomm, which has the equipment in place, the power turned on, and is ready to send more television to more places the second it has access to those radio waves once the DTV transition occures on June 12. It expects its signals to reach 200 million people, about 60 million more than it reaches today. This is a positive step for Qualcomm’s service, which has seen relatively slow adoption on mobile devices, based on outside over-the-air mobile TV viewing numbers provided by comScore. In addition to increasing its availability to more people in more cities, Qualcomm earlier this year signed an agreement to get MediaFLO on more devices. It inked a deal with Audiovox to build MediaFLO access into its in-car entertainment systems, as well as one with with ProTelevision Technologies to make devices that can attach to a cell phone, and allow that phone to receive the MediaFLO service. Together they should help Qualcomm address the limitation of having MediaFLO built into relatively few handsets. Will they be enough? Stay tuned.

Vid-Biz: Startups, iPhone, Best Buy

TOTLOL Closing Down; faced with “harsh limits” because it used videos from YouTube and targeted kids, the one-developer video site closes down. (TechCrunch) Elsewhere on in startup land, SplashCast is looking for a buyer: UGC company trying to sell itself after failing to raise a B round. (TechCrunch)

WSJ: iPhone to Have Video; source who’s seen the new model says it has more horsepower and can do video editing. (The Wall Street Journal) The iPhone’s popularity is in part driving mobile video, and according to new stats from Pyramid Research, the number of global users paying for mobile video and TV services will increase fivefold to 534 million by 2014. (CNET)

Best Buy Partners with CinemaNow; movies will be available through the retailer’s web site and on some devices sold in stores. (Video Business)

DTV Switch a Boon to Pay TV and HDTV Sales; the impending analog shut-off has driven 8 percent of U.S. TV households to buy an HDTV, and 5 percent started a new pay TV subscription. (release)

Watch the “Bing-a-Thon” on Hulu; Microsoft promotes its new search tool with an hour-long program on the portal featuring Olivia Munn and Jason Sudeikis; viewers can then watch Hulu ad-free. (The New York Times)

Blade Runner Prequel (Kinda) Series Coming to Web; Ridley Scott’s RSA Films working on the series, which will incorporate story input from viewers and be released under the Creative Commons license. (The New York Times)

Home Premieres on YouTube; Luc Besson’s environmental documentary debuts today in theaters and online (in HD!). (YouTube)

Vid-Biz: Web Vid Devices, DRM, Crackle

Web Video-enabled Devices to Quadruple by 2013; according to iSuppli, 376.5 million devices capable of supporting web video will ship annually by 2013. (Multichannel News)

Study: DRM Drives People to Piracy; research shows that people get fed up with the heavy restrictions on content and find it elsewhere. (Ars Technica)

Crackle Launching Mommy XXX and All Stars Web Series; Mommy centers around the family life of a real life porn star and All Stars is about a failing corporate softball team. (Tubefilter) (Video NSFW)

From Crackle: Mommy XXX

Yahoo Media Exec Leaves for Startup; Jeff Dossett was SVP of North American Audience and in charge of all of Yahoo’s media assets, he will become CEO of adventure travel site AdventureLink. (BoomTown)

Sky Player Coming to Xbox; Bristish users will be able to access pay TV content from BSkyB. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The Weinstein Company Launches Dimension Horror YouTube Channel; channel will promote upcoming movies and allow users to friend Rob Zombie in order to access exclusive content. (YouTube)

Fewer Homes Unprepared for DTV Transition; Nielsen reports that 3.1 million homes (2.7 percent of TV households) are completely unready for the switch, down from 3.3 million two weeks ago. (TVWeek)

Vid-Biz: Eun, Kangaroo, Viralheat

Q&A With Google’s David Eun; one of the key guys tasked with making YouTube profitable says, “I know that we’re monetizing more than anyone else is making, and I know that our costs are significantly lower than what anyone else is serving up and hosting.” (paidContent)

Trio of UK Broadcasters Barred from Kangaroo-Type VOD Ventures; government drafts rules that prohibit BBC, ITV and Channel 4 from participating in activities that would restrict competition. (ITVT)

Viralheat Gets into the Buzz Tracking Game; service scans nearly 30 sites like YouTube, Hulu and Vimeo to track the mentions of people and companies. (TechCrunch)

NPD Group: People Renting Digital Movies, Not Buying; research firm says 3 percent of consumers surveyed said they bought a permanent movie download, but 7 percent said they rented. (VideoBusiness)

New TV Remotes on the Way; simpler remote controls geared towards sifting through more data are on the way, though surprisingly Comcast users said they would prefer their standard 53 button-er. (Multichannel News)

Buy and Download Movies to the iPhone? Little is known about the service, but early indications point to coming enablement of the purchase of video content via iTunes on the device. (The Apple Blog)

Vid-Biz: Netflix, ESPN360, Twitmatic

Windows Media Center Gets Netflix Streaming; agreement lets users watch Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” movies on TVs connected to a Windows Media Center PC. (VentureBeat)

Comcast Scores ESPN360; deal offers the broadband sports channel to the cable company’s internet subscribers. (MediaMemo) ESPN360 will also be offering a ton of live online and mobile Wimbledon coverage this summer. (paidContent)

ffwd Launches Second Rev of Twitter Video Service; Twitmatic lets you search, browse and watch videos from the Twittersphere. (Epicenter Blog) See our initial impressions of the first rev.

National DTV Test Running Tomorrow; every broadcast television network and many television stations across the country to conduct multiple soft tests tomorrow, transmitting a message that only TVs still in need of an upgrade will be able to read. (DTV Answers)

YouTube Launching YouTube Biz Blog; will act as a forum for more product and content announcements that are more business, advertiser and partner focused. First announcement is melding of Google Analytics and branded channel data. (YouTube Biz Blog)

Wal-Mart Bolstering Blu-ray, HD Inventory; plans to put a $198 Blu-ray Disc Player in stores this week, and will boost its selection of Blu-ray titles. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Hollywood Studios Win Injunction Against Zattoo; Universal and Warner Bros. block the Swiss video streaming service from running commercials with their films. (Variety)

Vid-Biz: Video Hosting, DVRCast, FiOS TV

A Comparison of Legal Terms from Different Hosting Services; what rights do you give up when posting to services like blip, Flickr or Dailymotion? (Advancing Usability)

Report: Adobe’s DVRCast Launching Within a Week; product makes live video events instantly available on-demand, so you don’t have to miss anything shown. (Zatz Not Funny!) UPDATE: An Adobe rep wrote in to clarify this story. From their email: “At the Streaming Media East panel, Kevin Towes discussed an upcoming offer for a free sample piece of code (DVRCast), which will help Adobe’s customers use the DVR functionality feature available in FMS 3.5. That code will be available later in the month at”

Web Video Coming to Verizon FiOS TV; subscribers will be able to watch vids from Veoh, Dailymotion and blip (not Hulu or YouTube) on their big screen TVs; will require software installation on PCs first. (Multichannel News)

Nielsen: 3.3 Million Homes Not Ready for DTV Switch; that’s down from 3.5 million just two weeks ago. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Hulu Releases Video Panel Widget; new tool allows users to post an entire series or a group of videos to a blog or personal web site. (Hulu blog)

VideoSurf Opens API to Developers; video search company encourages people to build tools around finding and retrieving video. (VideoSurf Blog)

Vid-Biz: Kyte, Fanarchy, Watchmen

Kyte Streamed 50 Million Videos in April; of the 215,000 user accounts, just 1,000 account for 90 percent of the mobile videos streamed on the service; also, company launching iPhone apps for MTV, NBA and Spin Magazine. (TechCrunch)

Versus Pits Fans Against Each Other in Fanarchy; seven sports fans to appear on the show via webcams to rant about on- and off-field topics; each week, the two webcammers who can’t keep up with the verbal tirades are tossed off the show. (Multichannel News)

Who Watches the Watchmen with Friends? (Blu-ray Owners); studio will use BD-Live to let owners of the DVD to simultaneously watch and comment on the movie with their Facebook friends. (The Hollywood Reporter)

G4 to Create Web Soup; new TV show, a spin-off of E!’s The Soup, will compile the web’s best and worst viral videos (hasn’t this idea failed many times before?), show will be hosted by the quite funny Chris Hardwick. (TVWeek)

People Who Switch to Digital Converter Boxes Get Better Picture; so says a survey commissioned by the National Association of Broadcasters. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Revision3 Launches New Comedy Show; ROFL features bits of stand-up acts. (Revision3) (some bits NSFW)

DirecTV Added 460,000 New Subs in Q1; satellite TV company’s churn rate is at a 10-year low (1.3 percent), and revenues for the first quarter of 2009 increased 7 percent to $4.9 billion. (DSLReports)

Vid-Biz: YouTube Baby, Ninja, Disney

Man Delivers Baby with Help from YouTube; after watching some instructional videos he was able to handle the birthing while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. (BBC)

Ask a Ninja Gets an iPhone Game; game is from Axo Studios and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the Deep Search Foundation, which helps save the oceans. (VentureBeat)

Q&A with Disney’s Anne Sweeney About Hulu Deal; the co-chair of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney/ABC Television Group says networks are “content engines” and the company is open to the adoption of authentication systems. (paidContent)

Tips for Using Your Computer Monitor as TV; make sure you get one with at least 24 inches of screen size. (Gadgetwise)

UKers Top Web Vid Views in April; British invasion driven by Susan Boyle’s powerhouse performance on YouTube. (Contentinople)

Denis Leary: Alien; Hulu rolls out another commercial, this time featuring the acerbic comedian (and he’s on a mission). (Hulu)

Nielsen: 3.1 Percent of Homes Unready for DTV; with seven weeks until the national switch (for realsies this time), 3.5 million homes completely unready for the transition. (Nielsen)

Vid-Biz: StreetFire,, Brightcove

StreetFire and Car Domain Merge; top two car social networks combine, Streetfire CEO Glenn Rogers to run the new entity. Both companies recently went through layoffs. (TechCrunch, our profile of StreetFire from 2007) Adds Facebook, Twitter and MySpace Functionality; now users can comment with friends as they watch people eating cereal or pirated copies of World Wide Wrestling. ( Blog)
Brightcove: Newspapers Turning More Towards Video; video platform says that of the newspapers using its service, the total number of videos uploaded grew by nearly 1,500 percent in 2008, with a 365 percent growth in total video streams served. (Brightcove Blog)
WatchMojo Crosses the 50 Million Streams Mark; company produces its own professional video content and distributes it across social networking and media sites. (release)
Turner Signs Attributor; service will monitor the web for Turner-owned video content that pops up. (Multichannel News)
Nielsen: 3.8 Million Homes Still Not Ready for DTV; DTV readiness increased by 610,000 homes in Marchl switch happening June 12. (Broadcasting & Cable)
lonelygirl15 Cameos in Funny or Die Video; web celeb Jessica Rose parties poolside with real celebs like Zac Efron and Queen Latifah in this comedy clip.