Vid-Biz: Accenture, CBS, Family Guy

Media Execs Expect Big Revenue Growth for Short-Form Video; 38 percent of respondents to Accenture’s latest media survey say short videos will generate biggest growth. (release)

Quincy Smith on YouTube Users; during a keynote, CBS Interactive president notes that clips often do better when posted by someone other than the network and that there is a “…need to be more comfortable with users as editors.” (Online Video Watch)

Family Guy Guy Gets a Huge Deal; Seth MacFarlane inks pact with FOX worth $100 million, deal encompasses new media projects related to his TV properties. (release)

ABC to Add More Video Content; network upping short-form content like celeb interview series Starcrossed as well as Dance Studio to accommodate advertiser demand. (TVWeek)

FOX Says OldTeeVee Still Rules; as upfronts approach, network commissions study that says TV is the best format for advertising. (MediaWeek)

Legally Blonde Moves Online; to host cast info, audition reels, and full episodes of the reality show searching for the next Elle Woods. (Multichannel News)

Do Not Panic, This is Only a Test; Vegas TV station shuts down feed — while on air — to demonstrate what will happen to analog TV during digital switch next year. (Video Business)