Solar + storage can defend the grid from attack

The emergence of the smart grid has raised concerns about cybersecurity among utilities; two-way digital networks are more vulnerable. But according to utility executives, distributed power generation technologies, such as solar, particularly combined with energy storage, could help minimize the impact of an attack.

China: The next big grid storage market

China is poised to become a giant solar and wind energy producer, and that will open opportunities for energy storage technology developers. ZBB announced its foray into China on Tuesday and more American companies are sure to follow.

Duke Energy embraces cellular for smart grid

Duke Energy is turning to cellular networks as the backbone for its smart grid. The utility detailed the network plan in a white paper released earlier this month, and revealed one of the most aggressive uses of cellular networks by the utility industry in the U.S.

Duke Energy, Verizon Link Buildings via LTE

Utility Duke Energy has opted for the most advanced wireless connection pretty much available for a new building efficiency program in Charlotte, N.C.: Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network. Verizon’s LTE network could help building owners in Charlotte reduce energy consumption by 20 percent.

A Requirement for Greentech: The Big Get Bigger

The bigger the better for the greentech sector. Is 2011 the year of the Godzilla greentech company? On this news-laden Monday, there’s some particularly interesting evidence of the market advantages of being a massive company today selling into the energy, fuel and chemical markets.

5 Ways To Make Sure Smart Grid Pilots Succeed

What makes a smart grid pilot a success — even when it’s a failure? General Electric and Accenture spent an hour Wednesday with some energy industry big shots at the World Economic Forum in Atlanta and explained it all to us.

Bill Clinton, Cisco CEO, & Duke CEO Join Hands On Building Efficiency

What are the powerhouse trio including Bill Clinton, Cisco CEO John Chambers, and Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers all excited about this morning? If you were thinking a new energy bill or more green stimulus spending, think again. It’s building energy efficiency in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Opt-Out: The Biggest Little Words in Home Energy Management

What if the most successful home energy-saving technology ends up being the one people have to opt out of? Utilities can sign customers up for programs automatically, unless they actively choose not to join. Companies targeting the home energy management space should remember this powerful tool.

Echelon Takes the Smart Grid to the Edge

Echelon has launched a new software-hardware combo to control the distribution portion of the grid. The product has two notable aspects: it’s open to third-party developers, and its first customer will be utility Duke Energy.