Why carriers need to treat developers more like partners

“Operators treat partners like vendors.” That quote comes form Google director of global android partnerships John Lagerling, who said it at a Dublin conference where it was captured by Light Reading. It’s a telling statement — one that sums up a big problem facing the wireless industry.

Can AT&T, Verizon become high-tech darlings?

Mobile operators may be key players in the mobile data revolution, building its broadband networks. But in the eyes of the markets, the telcos are seen as utilities, while their Valley counterparts are the ‘true’ high-tech innovators. A new study claims operators can change this.

Forget TV — broadband is the future of cable

Video services still make up the bulk of cable operator revenues, and pushing broadband has been shunned by many who are afraid that such a move would relegate the cable to being a dumb pipe. But the future of cable might actually be selling Internet access.