LS9 brings in new CEO, says “not shutting down”

Venture backed biofuel startup LS9 is not shutting down, despite a report, but has changed up its CEO and restructured in the fourth quarter of 2012. It’s a difficult time for biofuel companies, given some VCs have been slowing backing out of greentech investing.

A Chinese solar company you should know: Hanergy

Hanergy, a Chinese solar manufacturer, has been making news lately, first with the purchase of a German solar company and then on Wednesday with a 3-year deal to make and install solar panels on Ikea’s stores on China. But who is Hanergy?

Chevron is really bearish on cleantech investing

Most of the oil giants have made small investments in cleantech and Chevron’s investment arm, Chevron Technology Ventures, was no exception. But Chevron has been moving away from making any cleantech investments, and hasn’t invested in a cleantech startup in two years, according to its President.

First Solar boasts world-record solar cell

Solar-panel prices are falling fast, and that is putting enormous pressure on manufacturers to boost their solar gear’s efficiency. First Solar feels the pressure, too, and on Tuesday boasted a world-record solar cell at 17.3 percent efficiency.

DuPont buys solar ink maker Innovalight

DuPont announced on Monday that it has bought Innovalight, a Silicon Valley startup that makes silicon ink that solar-cell makers can use to improve the amount of electricity that the cells can squeeze out of sunlight. DuPont declined to disclose the purchase price.