DVD not so DOA after all? Redbox Q1 revenue up 39%

While its longtime DVD-rental rival, Netflix has signaled its eventual retreat from the disc business, kiosk operator Redbox seems more than happy to take on any physical-media customers Netflix wants to cut loose.

What Wall Street is saying about Netflix

Netflix faced Wall Street analysts Monday to explain why its new subscription plans were a good idea. While many on Wall Street were surprised by the effect it will have on customer additions in the short-term, most agreed that the change won’t affect the long-term story.

Netflix: Price change not about killing DVDs

There’s been a lot of speculation that Netflix was seeking to kill the DVD-by-mail offering with its recent price hike. But to the contrary, Reed Hastings says that the decision was made in an effort to prolong the DVD business, which wasn’t getting enough attention.

People really hate the Netflix price hike

The Netflix blog has seen thousands of comments ever since the company announced its new pricing structure earlier today, with many customers threatening to cancel altogether. People are also turning to Facebook and Twitter in what looks like a major backlash against the company.