VMware buys DynamicOps to manage Xen, AWS

VMware has acquired DynamicOps, a Burlington, Mass.-based cloud computing startup that spun out of banking giant Credit Suisse’s IT department in 2008. VMware is touting DynamicOps ability to manage resources running on Hyper-V- and Xen-based hypervisors, and Amazon EC2.

Dell Cloud OEM Partner DynamicOps Gets $11M

DynamicOps has raised $11 million in Series B funding from Sierra Ventures, Next World Capital and investment bank Credit Suisse’s Next II venture group. Given its already-solid foundation, the new capital could go a long way toward making DynamicOps a household name in the private-cloud space.

5 Cloud Software Vendors Dell Should Buy

Michael Dell is talking this week talking about having acquisition plans in “software, data centers, cloud computing, storage and virtualization,” which raises questions about who it might be eying up. There are five vendors, in particular, that could give high value for a relatively low price.