Amazon expands its NoSQL story with JSON support in DynamoDB

Amazon Web Services’ popular DynamoDB service now supports JSON documents, a capability that makes it more competitive against alternatives from Microsoft, Google and MongoDB. AWS also increased storage and throughput limits on the DynamoDB free tier, making the service that much more appealing.

Amazon goes local with DynamoDB (kinda)

If you’re a developer and would like to road-test a DynamoDB app locally without incurring charges, you can now do so, says Amazon Web Services.

Rackspace versus Amazon: The big data edition

Rackspace is busy building a Hadoop service, giving the company one more avenue to compete with cloud kingpin Amazon Web Services. However, the two services — along with several others on the market — highlight just how different seemingly similar cloud services can be.

How big is Amazon Web Services? Bigger than a billion

If you parse Amazon’s first quarter earnings, you could be forgiven for thinking that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now a $2 billion-a-year business. Revenue from Amazon’s “other” category was $500 million for the quarter, although “other” does include revenue from other things.