New F.A.A. rules on use of electronics could be tricky to enforce

Restrictions on the use of portable electronics may be soon relaxed but how will the rules be enforced? It’s a sticky situation since phone sizes are getting close to tablets and you simply can’t tell what people are doing with their devices.

Defending the Apple way

The crux of the government’s case against Apple is that it acted as the “ringmaster” of a conspiracy among the publishers to raise the price of ebooks above what Amazon was selling them for. But what the government calls a conspiracy in restraint of trade, Apple calls standard operating procedure for entering a concentrated media market.

Ebook Bestsellers Breakdown: October 26, 2012

This weekly feature (back after a brief hiatus) looks at the books that are selling better in digital format than in print. This week’s picks: Two books from self-published author Michelle Leighton, who’s just signed a deal with traditional publisher Penguin.

In digital textbook transition, device availability is just the beginning

In the past year, leading technology companies have made big strides in bringing tablet computers into classrooms across the country. But while the availability of new devices is certainly critical, the successful transition to digital textbooks relies on many interconnected factors.

Oyster gets $3M to become the Spotify of books

Oyster, a new startup that wants to be the Spotify of books, announced it has raised $3 million led by Founders Fund. The money will help Oyster build a library that allows members to access an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee.

Lawyer files Hail Mary request to stop ebook price changes

A surprise ruling last week will force publishers to tear up their e-book contracts with retailers. The ruling is scheduled to go into effect in the next few days and, if it does, Amazon and others will be allowed to slash the price of e-books. A prominent lawyer has filed a Hail Mary brief to stop the process.

Amazon’s disruptive timing

The synchronous timing of the court’s approval of the settlement agreement between the government and a group of publishers in the e-book price-fixing case, and the Amazon’s news conference to unveil the new Kindles was obviously coincidental. But it couldn’t have been more fitting had Jeff Bezsos been able to arrange it all himself.