Sprint will start reselling Google apps to businesses

Sprint(s s) and Google(s goog) already have a history of close cooperation on consumer apps — Sprint was the only major U.S. carrier to support Google Wallet — but now it looks like they’re making their partnership more professional. In August, Sprint will start offering Google apps to small business and enterprise customers. The carrier won’t just resell access to Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Docs business accounts; it will provide customer support, giving those businesses a single point of contact for their mobile network and device problems as well as their app issues.

Web giants take on phishing in quest to make the Internet better

Companies such as Google, PayPal, Facebook and Microsoft have teamed up to create a standard to help boost email security. They are part of a working group to create the DMARC standard, which will help cut down on the number of phishing attacks.

Problems at Posterous: Possible outage, private messages shared

UPDATED. Posterous encountered “server connectivity issues” that made the blogging site inaccessible to a number of users Wednesday. The apparent outage occurred after at least one Posterous user received a series of email posts from random Posterous groups, some of which were meant to be private.

3 simple tips for getting to inbox zero with Apple Mail

A common New Year’s resolution is getting more organized, and email is often very much in need of organization. I’ve long been a fan of the “Inbox Zero” philosophy. It’s easier than you think to accomplish, and these simple tips will help you get there.

Do we need a line between big data and big brother?

We often laud big data when it’s capturing and storing all sorts of new data types, but would the positive tone change if we we’re talking about monitoring your every digital interaction while at work to discover questionable behavior? Cataphora CEO Elizabeth Charnock doesn’t really care.