After a rocky road, Pebble smart watch to ship on Jan. 23

It was a long time coming, but the Pebble e-paper watch is finally shipping after a few months of delays. The e-paper watch works with phones running iOS and Android, lasting a week per charge. Two new sensors are inside the Pebble to provide extra functions.

Today in Connected Consumer

While 3D promises to be the big, if over-hyped, story coming out of CES, e-readers should also likely grab their share of the spotlight, with debuts from Plastic Logic, Hearst/Sprint and Qualcomm. The most intriguing bit of e-reader news, however, comes from LG Display, which has reached a pair of cross licensing deals with two subsidiaries of Prime View International to source the technology needed for LG to start building e-paper displays itself. Having another supplier of displays in the market could help ease the chronic shortages that have hindered early sales of Sony’s Reader, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and other would-be Kindle killers.