54% of U.S. kids have never read an ebook: New report

A new report from Scholastic reveals that most U.S. children have still never read an ebook. Many of them — especially girls — want to, and kids also claim they’d read more for fun if they had more access to ebooks.

Nokia launches Reading app for Lumia in Europe

Nokia is launching its Reading app and e-bookstore for the Lumia Windows Phone in France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and the UK. In doing so, the company hopes to bring more local-language e-books to countries where e-readers haven’t yet taken off.

A kids’ reading app that reports back to parents

Children’s e-book reading is still in very early stages — but with parents increasingly handing iPads down to their kids, publishers see room for fast growth. A new iPad app offers children’s books from brands like My Little Pony and Curious George.

There’s room for both tablets and e-readers (for now)

Although there’s some overlapping functionality between tablets and e-readers, it doesn’t seem to set up either device to cannibalize the other; at least not yet. The number of adults who owned either a tablet or an e-reader doubled this holiday season. Here’s why neither is “winning.”

Kindle for iPad, iPhone update outshines iBooks

Amazon updated its Kindle software for the iPad and iPhone/iPod touch on Tuesday, introducing new features that ensure its app stays on the top of the e-reader pile, even now that it has its own tablet platform available in the Kindle Fire.