Say goodbye to knotted earbud cords for $10

Earbud headphones are great to take everywhere you go, but getting them untangled for use tends to be a frustrating experience. Digital Innovations has a product for $10 that aims to solve that problem: It’s called the Nest and it looks both simple and effective.

Earbud Showdown

A couple of months ago, while burning calories on an elliptical machine, I noticed that my trusty Apple earbuds were increasingly sounding horrible. It eventually got to the point where any sound that was even remotely loud was just crackling to the point where it was unbearable. My Apple earbuds had finally bitten the dust.
I started looking around for a new pair of earbuds and found the selection to be a tad overwhelming but I eventually found a pair I really love. Hopefully this little “showdown” will help you with some comparison shopping when you’re in the market for a new pair of earbuds.
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Shuffle Earbuds Come Up Short

I’ve got two iPods, an 80GB 5G and a 1GB 2G Shuffle. When I’m really crankin’, I’ll walk around my office with my 5G while I grab coffee, water or my lunch.
But today as I made my coffee run with the 5G in my pocket, my earbuds tugged at my head, like the cord was too short. For a second I thought my jeans had deeper pockets or I was much more tired than I had originally thought, but then realized that I must have switched the sets of earbuds. A quick side by side comparison confirmed my suspicion:
earbuds_length.jpg After a rough measure, I found out that the Shuffle cord was about 8 inches shorter. Of course it makes perfect sense given the potential placement of the Shuffle on someone’s clothing, but it’s interesting to know that 8 was the magic number. Holding the two side by side doesn’t seem like it would make that great a difference, but it does.
Taller folks considering a Shuffle should take note – if you’re waistline iPod wearer like me (I can’t stand to wear it anywhere else), you’re probably going to want to use the earbuds from another iPod, or something 3rd party. I’m 6 foot 4, and it seems that the Shuffle earbuds aren’t going to work for me.