Today in Cleantech

Here’s an update from Daintree Networks, the wireless lighting controls startup I profiled three weeks ago. Daintree told me back then that it was looking for OEM lighting system partners to adapt its software and ZigBee-enabled wireless area controllers and device nodes, and on Wednesday they named one — Boulder, Colo.-based lighting ballast and control system maker Easylite. The two are testing out Daintree’s ControlScope platform in a Colorado warehouse, where they’ve delivered about a 50 percent reduction in electricity use, and are rolling out their combined platform to other customers, Daintree CEO Danny Yu tells me. As for more OEM partnerships, the company isn’t naming names yet. Competitors include wireless system startups such as Adura Technologies and Echoflex Solutions, as well as big lighting controls maker Lutron


Will ZigBee Rule Networked Lighting?

Stealthy startup Daintree Networks wants to take a slightly different tack than its competitors — deliver ZigBee-based, interoperable lighting controls to market by partnering directly with the incumbents. Will the big boys be interested?

I See You: Video Chat Taking Off

Phones with video chat capability have been out in Europe for years, but getting the ability on two of the biggest smartphone platforms will expose the feature to millions who have no idea such video calls are possible. A new comprehensive report details this upcoming boom.