eBay: Here Come the Neighborhoods

[qi:012] eBay (EBAY) is finally jumping with both feet into social networking with its eBay Neighborhoods. It’s clearly arriving at the party at a late hour, but what it’s brought to that party has enough panache that it deserves a good look.

eBay will formally lift the veil on its eBay Neighborhoods a little later today, but the site was live Tuesday evening and reports and reviews were already appearing. eBay described it as

“a collection of micro-communities built around common interests and passions …, eBay Neighborhoods draws content from existing community features such as eBay listings, eBay Blogs, eBay Guides, and eBay Reviews, while adding new Neighborhood-specific message boards, member-uploaded photos, and social mapping tools to visualize the interconnections between people and their common interests.”

Which raises a question: If blogs, guides and reviews weren’t enough to entice new buyers in droves to its site, why does eBay think that glomming them together with some new features will make much difference? eBay’s answer seems to be that, unlike many social networks, eBay offers people a reason to connect.

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